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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Anna's First Juice Cleanse

My mind, body, and soul needed a fresh start. I'm not going to tell you that vanity wasn't involved but  I was gaining weight at an unbelievable rate, so quickly that it CAN'T have been ok for my health. I've always been a curvy girl, always will be, at my healthiest I'd probably still sit around 165-175 lbs.
I try very very hard to love my body fully, and encourage everyone else to do so, but gosh, I have to admit it's a hard thing to do when it changes so quickly. Clothes weren't fitting, I was getting stretch marks, I was gaining 5 pounds on a bi-weekly basis....and all this was happening while I was eating better than I have been, getting daily exercise walking to and from my drawing class, and had recently joined the gym.
It just doesn't add up, and don't worry I'm talking to my doc asap. That being said, I figured a quick juice cleanse would kick my body into gear so it's working WITH me and not AGAINST me.

  • Prep day
    • Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. made up most of my day, I'm supposed to avoid dairy, sugars, grains, meat 24-48 hours before the cleanse
    • First thought "uh oh I'm already hungry"
    • "uh oh I'm aLREADY IRRITABLE"
    • I made sure I was getting a healthy amount of food and calories for the day, but remember most of our bodies are used to more than enough calories, and used to being filled with grains and carbs. 
    • "There's a cookie in the kitchen"
    • "Is this how I will feel for the next three days"
    • Why did I decide to do this when I'm on my period
    • I hate fruits and vegetables they're trying to destroy me 
    • I felt so much better after a filling dinner of vegetarian indian food and fruit

  • Day one
    • I already woke up hungry since I'm used to big breakfasts
    • I'm going to keep a running tally of how much I have to pee: (It was seven times)
    • First juice was okay, it's a spicy ginger cayenne lemonade, I don't really like spicy juice but it did make it feel more like real food. I could also feel the spicy hanging around in my stomach so I felt more full. 
    • I'm already over this
    • Soooo not a fan of the second, it's all green stuff, and tastes like green milk, yuck. You're supposed to chew on the juice to get those digestive enzymes flowing but nope I had to chug it to get it down. 
    • I have to drink one every two hours...it's exhausting 'eating' this often ha
    • The third was ok, fantastic in comparison to the second. I like fruit, much better than veggies- at least in juices...now I'm really enjoying this juice, I would drink this again.
    • Fourth drink, fine and fruity, I'm genuinely shocked at how not-hungry I am.
    • I don't know if I can/want to do two more days worth....maybe a one day cleanse will reboot my system. I'm not as hungry as I thought I would be, but heck I enjoy food. This was good for my health, clearing the junk out of my system and resetting my cravings (less fatty foods, more clean fresh foods), but I don't have the determination to do a longer cleanse, maybe I'll do this once a month to cleanse my body to set it back on track. For now though, I'm just trying to see if I can make it through a whole day. 
  • Post-cleanse day(s)
    • Okay so I only made it through one day! But Soul Mate Food has a good post about how even just a one day cleanse can do a world of good (http://soulmatefood.com/benefits-of-a-one-day-juice-cleanse/) one of the lines that stuck with me was "Imagine if you never got a day off"
    • Since the cleanse I've tried to continue to give my body a break from all of the stuff that gunks up my digestion all the time. I haven't eaten any dairy, grains, processed sugar, or meat since. It's been surprisingly easy to do once I figured out what I can and can't eat! Indian food is a godsend, so many options for me there. 
    • I don't plan on doing this forever, just until the end of the week when I'll start slowly reintroducing the other things. I'm definitely not going to add meat back in, and I'm strongly considering going vegan, but I don't know if I'm up for that big of a change just yet. I definitely approve of that lifestyle though. 
My main pieces of advice based on my experience
  • Try a juice cleanse only if your health allows it, don't do it if you're currently sick, pregnant, diabetic, etc. You'll know if you shouldn't! And if you don't know/want to be super sure, that's what doctors are paid to discuss with ya. Same with any diet. 
  • Don't go on Pinterest, too many pictures of unbelievably yummy food, I wasn't as hungry as much as I craved things haha.
  • You may not be as hungry as you think
  • You don't have to do a juice cleanse to give your body a break! I'm not advocating for one, just sharing my experience. I think what's actually done me the most good is cutting out the other things for the past few days. 
  • If you eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables you may get stomach aches, I know I have, it makes you a little gassy and your insides have to work a little harder to break down all that fiber and roughage. 
Jeez I think that's all folks! It's a little wordy, but I hope I gave an insight on how your average cake-loving size 14 girl does on a juice cleanse and general body cleanse. Leave a comment here or on instagram if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for reading!

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