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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Anna's First Juice Cleanse

My mind, body, and soul needed a fresh start. I'm not going to tell you that vanity wasn't involved but  I was gaining weight at an unbelievable rate, so quickly that it CAN'T have been ok for my health. I've always been a curvy girl, always will be, at my healthiest I'd probably still sit around 165-175 lbs.
I try very very hard to love my body fully, and encourage everyone else to do so, but gosh, I have to admit it's a hard thing to do when it changes so quickly. Clothes weren't fitting, I was getting stretch marks, I was gaining 5 pounds on a bi-weekly basis....and all this was happening while I was eating better than I have been, getting daily exercise walking to and from my drawing class, and had recently joined the gym.
It just doesn't add up, and don't worry I'm talking to my doc asap. That being said, I figured a quick juice cleanse would kick my body into gear so it's working WITH me and not AGAINST me.