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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Photoshoot Roundup pt. 1

Since I really neglected my blog I didn't have the opportunity to share some of the super fabulous shoots that had happened between mid-summer last year and mid-summer this year.

(ft. Lisa on the right)

This first set I'd like to share is the wonderfully fun afternoon I had with Lisa (IG: lonestardolly) and Yuri (of Yarrow and Hemlock Photography). These ladies were the best! Great direction, flawless photography, fun location...the only thing that was un-fun was the Texas summer heat.

Without further adieu, please enjoy our afternoon on South Congress as much as we did!

The first stop- Big Top Candy Shop

The next place we dropped in, if memory serves me right, was the little uncommon/antique book store. (Fun fact- Ryan Gosling loves to visit there whenever he's in Austin, and spent $300 on a rare book last time he was in)

My favorite photos (though sweltering outside) were those taken on the side of Tesoro's, underneath the beautiful mural and against the bright blue wall

Thank you ladies for the wonderful company and photos, and I apologize for literally a year long delay! 

Until next time,

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