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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Year/New Blog/New Me

It's been almost exactly a year since my last post, it would have been last summer. Once I moved to Oregon I lost my motivation and time to post.
So much has happened...good and bad. I don't know where to start.
I moved to Portland in August (good), made amazing new friends (good), was away from home for the first time (good), and truly felt like I found a place for myself (best).
Now for the less than positive parts- me and that "southern boy who stole my heart" split up when I left (bad)...and a few months ago he passed away (worst). Not long after that I got very ill for two months, doing a number on my body and my already weakened emotions.
All of these things have had a major impact on me, as you can imagine. So here I am, back on my blog, if nothing else to keep a record of how things are.

Very soon I'll have more photoshoots and things to post. This is a nice way to keep my mind and hands occupied as I pass the summer (my first summer without Cason James since I was age sixteen).

Bear with me as I gear back up,
and thank you for reading.

xoxo Anna

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