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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ModCloth Items Ewe and I Can't Live Without (With-Trout?)

I recently put myself on a shopping ban considering I'm moving and don't have the funds or the room to support my shopping addiction,
but now of course ModCloth has a whole section on their site dedicated to "Cute Critters"

COME ON. NO FAIR. How can I resist? As an animal and kitsch lover it's taken all my strength to not purchase a THING from the collection. Playing with my heart strings.

Maybe I could live vicariously through the rest of you by sharing my favorites and watching you purchase them.

Listed from most to least expensive with me trying to defend a reason why I might need them:

Irregular Choice's Critter-cal Support Heel
Uh, when would these shoes not be practical? Perfect for grocery shopping, the county fair, hiking, biking, you name it.

Hooked on a Feline Dress
For all my cat tapestry needs.

Jaw-Dropping Style Cardigan
What if in the near future I fall off a boat into shark infested waters? Maybe they'd see my cardigan and mistake me for one of their own. It could save my life and the life of a shark. 


Purr Our Conversation Sweatshirt 
How else am I supposed to make friends when I move to a new town at the end of this month?? But truly, in my French course this summer there was a lot of female bonding over pets. 

Daily Lunch Date Top in Corgis
What if my future husband/best friend/boss will only become involved (not necessarily romantically) with someone who loves corgis? How else will I show my love for these tiny furry hippos?

Feline Casual Top in Ivory Cats
Need I even defend this? It's like the little black dress of cat print blouses. A must have for every woman's closet. 

Lovely and Lush Bag
For all the cat themed black tie events I go to.

Purr Me a Cup Teapot
A necessity for every future cat lady who needs to unwind with a cup of tea and her 42 felines after a long day. 

You Don't Know Jackalope Cotton Ball Container
I have a bunny shaped porcelain tooth brush holder that this would coordinate with...plus you pull cotton balls out of it's butt that's enough to sell me on it.

The Still of The Night Light
Big girls do cry, and sometimes big girls with crippling anxiety who are away from home need a little comforting from glowing woodland creatures. 

Moonlit Whiskers Earrings
To coordinate with all of the other cat items I want. A girl has to accessorize.

All Abuzz Earrings
Bejeweled bees, need I say more?

It's All Sheep to Me Socks
My family has a tradition of giving quirky socks to each other  for every possibly occasion. These would certainly fit the bill. (And chartruese is one of my favorite colors)

Take Meow Tonight
In case there's a cat earring emergency and I need a backup pair. I'm sure that happens more often than you'd think.

Let minnow (ha-ha) what you think of this post and let me know what you all would like to see more of!

Until next time

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