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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Tribute to the Lady, the Legend: Lauren Bacall

The past week has been difficult, two big losses hit the film community. Robin Williams' tragic death due to depression shocked the world, and just a day after, Hollywood lost a queen. Bacall's death hit me harder than Williams'. His was more tragic due to his age and circumstances, but I grew up more with Lauren Bacall.
While Robin Williams is like a family friend that you call your uncle, whom you love for his humor and kindness,  Lauren Bacall is like the glamourous grandmother you watch get ready and admire for her beauty, grace, and spirit.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ModCloth Items Ewe and I Can't Live Without (With-Trout?)

I recently put myself on a shopping ban considering I'm moving and don't have the funds or the room to support my shopping addiction,
but now of course ModCloth has a whole section on their site dedicated to "Cute Critters"

COME ON. NO FAIR. How can I resist? As an animal and kitsch lover it's taken all my strength to not purchase a THING from the collection. Playing with my heart strings.

Maybe I could live vicariously through the rest of you by sharing my favorites and watching you purchase them.

Listed from most to least expensive with me trying to defend a reason why I might need them:

Irregular Choice's Critter-cal Support Heel
Uh, when would these shoes not be practical? Perfect for grocery shopping, the county fair, hiking, biking, you name it.