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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Photo Shoot with Austen- Part Two: Chic

Austen not only did me a huge favor in general (see my last post for details if you haven't already), but she drove us to five (five!!!!) locations!

Here's where the outfit change and 'classy' shoots happened. We went to the Historical Driskill Hotel and to my favorite museum in central Texas, The Blanton.
We only got a few shots at the Driskill because we very quickly got very politely kicked out, but we saw that coming. Nevertheless we got out with some very nice pictures.

As I mentioned in the last post, Austen's camera was acting up, so we had more photos in the Driskill ballroom with the grand piano etc. but I have a feeling they just didn't turn out as well as she would've liked! 

After that we hopped over to The Blanton and it was very conveniently "free museum day" over there. If you live in Austin and haven't gone to the Blanton, MAKE THAT TRIP. It's small but very lovely and an honest to goodness art museum so please take advantage of that little Texas gem.

We started in the beautiful center with it's pretty blue and white walls and crazy natural lighting. There were many other groups of people taking pictures so I was somewhat self conscious! 

Then we wandered up to the exhibits up stairs.
****cutest male butt in history****

It turns out the prettiest pictures were the more candid ones we got when I was resting my feet by a floor to ceiling window. which makes sense, I'm obviously much more natural.

We loved this painting I matched.

It was very fun to go to the museum with Austen in particular because we got to enjoy the art as well as the shoot. She'd been there multiple times so knew her way around and knew the pieces she liked, which made it much more enjoyable I think.
 One of my favorites, David and Goliath. 

One of her favorites, saint Agatha. Take note of the breasts on her plate.

I loved the experience and I loved meeting Austen. After putting on some weight lately I'd felt a little down and self conscious but this made me feel so much better! I could look good without looking thin, which is something I haven't felt that often in the past. 
Thank you again, and I sincerely hope to work with Austen again. Plus hopefully I get to see her before I go off to bigger and better things, and I hope she gets to go on to bigger things as well!

Outfit details:
skirt: eshakti 
top:vintage thrifted
shoes: nine west


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  1. You're a doll! That skirt is super cute <3