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Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo Shoot with Austen- Part One: Kitschy

Welcome to my first ever photo shoot! Austen was kind enough to put her photography skills towards doing me a big favor. She's been following me on various social mediums (social medias?) for ages, and in the past has been so sweet and even called me an inspiration for her own body confidence! I don't know if she looks up to me as much now that she knows what I'm actually like after meeting me in person haha. Nevertheless, take a gander at her beautiful work (despite her camera acting up that day), and she helped me with poses etc. and gave me some helpful positive reenforcement.
This post is all thanks to her!

Some of my favorite pictures were taken by the exterior of the Poodle Dog Lounge, there's a big painting of a poodle around the front but unfortunately was blocked by a big truck so we didn't have the opportunity to shoot in front of it. :( Despite that I still love this pink and grey diamond wall shots! Matches my outfit!

Thank you Pinupgirlclothing for making my legs look nice despite the fact I definitely don't have full range of motion in these capris. But who needs to be able to sit when you look that good standing?

Our first location was Top Notch Hamburgers, one of my favorite places in Austin. This is the location of me and my boyfriend's most frequent car show outings, and in fact one of our first dates was to a car show here, so I have very fond memories. Very glad to get some pictures here before I leave town. 
And here's a good mid hair adjustment photo, soak it up kids, that's what I look like most of the time. 

My outfit consisted of a vintage cardigan, PUG capris, and nine west 1940s inspired pumps. (plus estate sale earrings and a goodwill parasol!)

I hope y'all enjoyed my first attempt at modeling and there will be a photo shoot part 2 about our last locations with a more "chic" look!


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