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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Heidi Braids Tutorial

First off I'd like to apologize for the overexposure! I just wanted to guarantee everyone could see the details of my hair. How do women with black hair do hair tutorials??
Alas, they may not be very pretty pictures but they serve their purpose.

My inspiration:

Many many women rock heidi braids but my #1 is Joyce Carpati

Look up this goddess if you don't know who she is. Worth the time.

Now let's begin!

All you need to start is a hand mirror (so you can check your part in the back), a comb, bobby pins, and two hair-ties! (Not so bad, right?)

If you're anything like me, your hair gets brushed on a weekly basis...time to tame the mane.

Comb that mess into a clean as possible middle part down the front and back (now's when you use your hand mirror for reference)

Braid both halves, making sure to braid your hair "out" instead of "down", it should end up something like this-

Now to wrap it up- literally

Before you start any wrapping though, lightly tug on your braids to add a little thickness to it, it'll look much better up that way than with a tight braid.

Now you're ready to start wrapping those suckers up (this picture was pre-tugging)

Now just fold one of the braids up, pinning securely into place as you go.

The sides will look a little like this.

Pin the other side up, tucking in the "tail"

Make sure you black is all set up (I have a low hair line on my neck so I add a few bobby pins to hold those hairs in)

Make sure you tuck in all those little fly aways- actually that's not necessary, heidi braids look very sweet loose and beachy.


Heidi braids are so versatile. They work with a vintage wardrobe, at work, at the gym, by the pool, with a boho look, and as Queen Joyce Carpati shows.. they look good at any age.

xoxo Anna


  1. OH goodness, I want to do this now!!!


  2. Thank you for this! I love this hairstyle, I can't wait to do it when my hair gets longer