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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Art Trade with Art Babes

I was lucky enough to set up an art trade with a multitude of lady artists I've gotten to know through Instagram.
This was great practice and an absolute delight to do, plus I got a bunch of free art out of the deal which isn't too shabby. I know as an artist it can be almost impossible to have art done of you, or your subject of choice, since you're the one who's always doing it for others! This gave everyone a chance to feel the love both ways.

Listed in no particular order:

IG: talulachristianart

  • WEBSITE: etsy.com/shop/talulachristian
  • PIECE: my self proclaimed "fairy fawn portrait" gracing the title of my blog. Talula is absolutely amazing and can do customized illustrations for your blog or business as well, sold along with pre-made prints on her website!

  • WHAT I TRADED: this little lady asked me to draw her a classic car, I thought this would be simpler than my usual portraits but NO MA'AM cars are very difficult! Who know (probably everyone except for me)

IG: stephiesdoodles
  • WEBSITE: stephiesart.storeenvy.com
  • PIECE: pudgy pin up in my likeness. Stephanie is known for her little pin up beach babes and they are adorable! At her shop you can buy them on totes, buttons, as prints, etc. She does customized portraits as well via her site

  • WHAT I TRADED: Stephanie requested that I draw her one of her favorite pin ups, Bettie Page. I've never been a huge Bettie fan but after hunting for a good picture of her and drawing her fantastic figure, I must admit my opinion has been swayed...she really was a truly amazing model.

IG: luluvanlou
  • PIECE: a gorgeous smooth black and white portrait of me based on a picture taken of a look I did for this past Easter. This gal's portraits are so classical, I seriously love her style, it's definitely unique. I'm sure you can contact her via her Instagram if you'd like a piece of the action!

  • WHAT I TRADED: I had the honor of drawing a portrait of Luis with her to die for flapper hair cut. She is a treat.

IG: brenna_daugherty

  • WEBSITE: brennadaugherty.com (there's a link to her Etsy via that website)
  • PIECE: an adorable portrait of me where I feel as though I look like soft serve ice cream. Love it! Brenna's designs are right up my alley, I would definitely have her design wallpaper for my future home or pin ups to print on throw pillows. Swoon! And in fact, I think she also does custom pieces if you're interested. 

  • WHAT I TRADED: a portrait of the blonde princess herself, I loved drawing her as I don't have many chances to draw girls with glasses, and seriously, with a face like that how could I not be thrilled to draw her (again I must say "swoon!")

IG: lizannhall
  • WEBSITE: etsy.com/uk/shop/lizannhall123
  • PIECE: me and Liz haven't quite gotten around to trading but here's a precious example of her work, and once I get my act together she's making me a pretty little bustier top! (I think a tropical one, I can't quite remember the fabric I chose)

  • WHAT I TRADED: I drew a little portrait of her because she's gorgeoussss, but she decided she'd feel funny hanging a picture of herself so I've been put on the job of creating a new little thing for her. (She's definitely a better person than me, I'm going to deck my room walls with all of these portraits of me, kind of like Squidward but not all self portraits). Things got hectic so I've yet to finish something for her! But here's my first portrait sketch.

IG: 50's_vintage_dame
  • WEBSITE: www.redpeppergraphics.com.au/retro
  • PIECE: A fabulous magenta haired flatteringly thin portrait of me! Sue designs vintage style clip art how COOL is that. Red Pepper Graphics has designed for rockabilly bands, labels for fashion lines, designs for vintage blogging websites, etc. etc.! She's got a library of clip art but can also do custom designs depending on your wants and needs.

  • WHAT I TRADED: a sketch of her wonderful smile at a vintage diner. She's all sorts of woman I'm so pleased I got to work with her!

IG: shadesofsunshine
  • WEBSITE: www.etsy.com/shop/shadesofsunshine
  • PIECE: she is the QUEEN of drawing The Golden Age of Hollywood's finest actors, actresses, and musical stars, so I had her draw one of my favorites, Ava Gardner. She killed it as per usual, her little drawings are insane and she can go from classically styled sketches to hyper realism at the snap of a finger, I'm a little upset about that to be honest. Her prints are more than reasonably priced and I bet she has at least one of your favorite celebs of the era. She also does outstanding commissions, I'm in awe of her crazy family portraits god damn girl. 

  • WHAT I TRADED: I whipped up a little Vargas style pin up, nothing compared to her but I loved my little lady, and Amber was kind enough to fawn over it ;)

IG: considermydear
  • WEBSITE: considermydear.blogspot.com
  • PIECE: yet another portrait of me, this is the third time Rebecca has put her magical fingers to work painting me and they get more stunning every time! She's also a dear friend and has stuck by my through thick and thin, I'm very lucky to have such friends all around the country and world, but Rebecca is definitely one of the top five. 
(Pieces listed from newest to oldest)

  • WHAT I TRADED: though it will never repay her I drew up a little sketch of this hottie and it might actually be one of my favorite portraits that I've done! (I think that's because it's all in the eyes and she's got gorgeous eyes. "All the better to see you with my dear")

IG: shannonalys
  • PIECE: last but not least, Shannon drew a crazy perfect drawing of me. This girl is a SELF TAUGHT artist. Yeah, that kind of makes me want to die too, I understand what you're feeling right now. Funnily enough we connected because she started dating my ex, (they've been together forever now, I think just a little less time than me an Cason! which is literally forever trust me) I'm so happy we did and I'm so excited to see her this Saturday!

  • WHAT I TRADED: I tried to do her some justice but that didn't work out. Even though I sketched her twice, 1. it didn't properly show off her hotness and 2. they're absolute dirt compared to her drawing of me! Oh well, half the fun is just being drawn and she seemed fairly happy!

Looking at them all I now realize I probably should have scanned or taken better photos of these before mailing them out...oops.
I hope you ladies enjoyed this as much as I did, I'm so happy with my new things! And I hope those reading this take the opportunity to explore other young blossoming artists and designers, and possibly have them do a little something for yourself!

Love as always,

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  1. These are all so amazing! I love the way you organized this blog. You were my first portraits in that style so its amazing to see how far Ive come. I am in love with Brennas portrait of you. Doing an art trade was such a fabulous idea Anna! I had a lot of fun.