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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Top Notch Hot Rod Drive In Night

If you live in Austin or the surrounding towns and have never been to Top Notch burgers, it's worth a trip. I don't eat meat or fried food but it's the cutest little place and my guy swears by their burgers and fried okra (can you say "Texas"?)
Top Notch is also the location of a scene of the iconic movie Dazed and Confused. More importantly it's the location of me and Cason's favorite car shows, their Monthly Hot Rod Drive In Night.

One of our first dates three years ago was to one of these shows, and now all these years later Cason has his pretty little 1962 Thunderbird and actually gets to be in the show!

This past Saturday was one of these shows and of course we hopped by to participate and enjoy the other cars. We're so lucky that over the years and over the past few months we've befriended a few of the familiar faces and car clubs, though we are the youngest by far.


Without further adieu- please enjoy some of my favorite vehicles! (sorry for the less than perfect pictures, I didn't get many good ones as I kept getting distracted by other pretty shiny things)

We backed up to this pretty little pink/coral girl who I instantly fell in love with.

Then there was this sweet little Plymouth for sale for a mere $13,500. If you know me you know I love 1930s and 1940s cars the best out of any classics. There's just something about them that gets me going more than any 1950s Cadillac or even my babe's Thunderbird could.

I tried to get Cason to get a few shots of my with his car but it was like pulling teeth, needless to say I won't ask him to very often, the big baby.

And the only thing he hates more than taking pictures of me, is me taking pictures of him. But he just politely ignores me and allows me to.

Here are just a few other shots:

(Since it's a drive in burger place, they project movies on to this after the car show and show classic car movies, it's a big hit with all ages!)

The last shot I got on the way out just when we were leaving.

oh and p.s.: I looked kind of cute and bendy rollers were so easy to get Rita Hayworth hair! Definitely will do again.

(Top Notch has a facebook page and they also have one for their Drive In Nights if you're interested! Hope to see some more familiar faces next time)

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  1. I immediately recognized Top Notch, I've seen Dazed and Confused about 19442 times. That is an oddly specific number, 19442. I love all the cars, I have often dreamed about owning a vintage car. Your hair and you look fabulous, I love those sunglasses, where are they from?