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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Things I Want Thursday: Basics

1. Glamorous costume jewelry --  (Necklace from Forever21) I've recently had a hankering for glitzy costume jewelry! (Partially due to the lovely demiilauren's fabulous instagram outfit posts) I love how they can class up a casual outfit or add a little glam to a basic black sweater, now matter how over the top the necklace, I love them. Go big or go home.

2. Black Flats -- (Flats by Alexis Leroy) I LIVE in almond toe flats almost every day. I have a pair of black pleather ones that are worn to hell so I'm on the market to find a replacement. I get most of my flats from Old Navy but sometimes I like to check out other brands!

3. Red Lipstick -- I don't agree with LimeCrime's business and ethics all the time, but god dang I agree with their Red Velvet lipstain, it's by far my favorite lipstick I've tried.

4. Fully Fashioned Stockings -- I'm an avid lingerie collector, but I've yet to get my hands on a pair of fully fashioned stockings. I love these by Secrets in Lace, I mean who wouldn't love a Dita Von Teese line?? (I'm a die hard Dita enthusiast) thesea re definitely high on my wish list.

5. Perfect pinup black capris -- I currently own two pairs of Pinupgirlclothing Deadly Dames capris, one in their classic harlequin print, the other in red (shown in my last car show post!). I LOVE them. They're insanely comfortable with just the right amount of stretch to hug every part of a womanly figure. I need these in black! But, I'm afraid I'd just end up wearing them every day...

6. Little black dress -- I have many dresses but I've yet to find the perfect little black dress. This Lindy Bop dress is so cute and fairly affordable for a vintage style dress. I love that it could be casual like running to the grocery store, or teaching a pre-k class, but it could also be dressed up for a classic cocktail party

Happy shopping, 

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