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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pops You're the Tops- Late Father's Day Post

I am a daddy's girl, through and through. Maybe it's because my dad lost his father at such a young age, but he's always tried to be very involved in my life and very close to me. I love that big Italian jerk who makes awful jokes and knows way too much about privacy laws. ...and who has a rat's tail hairdo that I can't imagine him without.

He's eccentric and too smart for his own good. My dad has taught me everything I know about, well, probably everything. Wait, except for bras and periods, mom did cover those at age 12. He's a huge part of my inspiration and knowledge about vintage movies, fashion, and history, which is now a big part of who I am. He taught me and got me involved in all sorts of music, the arts, languages, and culture. I wouldn't be me without him.

In fact, we started Father's Day weekend with a very vintage showing of Goldfinger at the historic Paramount Theater, I hadn't ever seen a classic Bond film until this- instantly a fan!

As I mentioned, my father's dad died when my dad was very young, as the anniversary of my dad's dad's death comes closer (July 4th), he gets very blue, and Father's Day is really hard for him. He loves his mother (like any good Italian boy would), and his grandmother, and his aunts, and the matriarchy he grew up in, but he missed the presence of his father. I can't imagine growing up without either parent, and I'm sorry for those who have- Not to say the kids that come from those homes turn out any worse, he's my example that one parent homes and single mother homes can turn out much better than many traditional households.

Anyways enough gushy stuff here are a few pictures from our Father's Day lunch! (Mom took the pictures)

We were very full and happy after a late lunch at Mandolas Italian Market.

I used the big leopard scarf to cover some god awful roots, but he said I ended up looking just like his mother, which made him very happy.

Love you dad.

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