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Friday, June 6, 2014

One Year Closer to Velcro Shoes- but I'm Not There Yet

As many of you know (well maybe all of you, I'm fairly sure all of my blog readers are from my Instagram) my birthday was on the 4th. It was a pleasant and casual day and I was ecstatic about my gifts this year.

I'll likely do a big post about all of them but here's a little outfit post of my two favorites:
Swedish Hasbeens from Dad and a Kate Spade lemon clutch from my mom's little sister and my Godmother Sharon.

 I was thrilled to find my Kate Spade package this morning. I'd had a pretty bad night and the beautiful and bright bag lifted my spirits. I's beautifully made and so perfectly me.

It was also so nicely packaged with multiple layers of bows and tissue paper, that it was almost therapeutic to unwrap.

I also squealed on my actual birth date when I saw my dad come out with a familiar Modcloth shipping box. I couldn't contain myself when I saw he had snagged the last pair of all red papillon Swedish Hasbeens, the most beautiful shoe I'd ever seen!

The first time I wore them out was that night to dinner, and I had styled them with my wide leg black and white chevron print pants. This evening I instead threw them together with the bright clutch so decided to go all black with my skirt, top, and belt.

On the way to dinner with my parents I spotted a gorgeous fence in my favorite color and convinced my mother to snap a few shots of me (which she might again, she did fairly well for not understanding technology)

The sun soon peeked out from behind the clouds. (which caused the squinty face)

Soon causing my sunglasses to be a necessity!

Overall getting dressed up and out helped me get out of the anxiety rut I had gotten into last night.. And as I mentioned on IG- I've never really owned brand name items. So these gifts really are a big deal for me and now some of the nicest things I own.

Outfit details:
Shoes- Swedish Hasbeens via Modcloth ("Papillon" model)
Lemon Clutch- Kate Spade New York
Top- stolen from my mother's closet
Chiffon Skirt- Thrifted @ Savers several years ago

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  1. What perfect presents! It's always nice to get a good quality clutch, I bought a coach purse years (almost 10 years at this point) ago and besides me over stuffing it over the years, it still looks brand new. Happy Belated Birthday!