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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hedy's Hair

Hedy Lamarr: nicknamed "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World".

 Not only a gorgeous woman and talented actress, but extremely intelligent and science saavy, the lady co-invented the technology that we all use for GPS and wi-fi today!
I'm a huge fan of hers, and wrote my Historical Methods thesis on her last semester, she's worth the read if you're interested! Plenty of books and articles.

As I said  she was a 1940s hottie. Hedy rocked an iconic middle part in the sea of side parts, giving her more of an exotic/less-American look (she was born and grew up in Austria, so it kept her classic look, she didn't fall victim to the westernization of actresses in the era.)

I will be recreating this look:

Her hair ranged from long to short, and more voluminous to sleeker, this ended up being a longer sleeker look since I just left the curlers in for a few hours.

All I used for this look was 8 bendy rollers and a boars hair brush.

This was the size of the rollers for anyone interested in buying them, they're cheap and can be found at almost any drug store, department store, or beauty supplier.

I drew up a little setting pattern to help,:
On the front with my bangs I rolled the roller under than looped it and twisted the ends together. The section about my ear I rolled down then folded the roller just so the ends wouldn't slip off, keeping the roller flat. In the back I used the same technique but did two rows since my hair is mighty thick. Before rolling them in I spritzed my hair with water, I didn't bother with setting lotion or hair spray this afternoon.

As I said I only left them in for a couple hours, so they were softer curls rather than tightly wound and lifted, still pleased with the result!

I'm wearing Kate Rimmel in Rossetto on my lips!

Comment  below if you have any questions or clarification.

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